One of the Seven Vectors of Faria, representing the Holy Element; ironically had become immensely corrupt from the energies of a Chaos Dragon named Gao Gao, and another unrecognizable being behind the dragon. Her mind was consumed with hate. Ovvmz soon preyed on the transsexual yearnings of a blueblooded noble and certified mage named Galvin Christon and transformed him into a copy of Faria's Princess, the Butterfly of Dawn. Thus the Butterfly of Sunset was borne, and they managed to kidnap the Butterfly of Dawn and perform the switch right under the noses of the heroes. With the help of her agents, the three Perpetrators, Ovvmz soon opened the way to the Heart of Faria. By combining the essence of her champion's sword, the ideals and repressed, crystalized love of the Butterfly of Sunset, a gallon of basilisk blood, and her own egg cells, she gave rise to the Ovalisks using the Heart of Faria as their womb. The Ovalisks, however, were tainted by an unexpected element: love given to the kingdom by ``the nutter needs to be put in an asylum King Marty inside the Heart and his love for the Butterfly of Sunset despite his learning her sad secret. When Ovvmz was showered with love by her new cute daughters, instead of them unleashing absolute destruction, the backlash against her own hate caused her to literally die from it. This unusual death caused her very essence to invert itself upon reaching the Third Realm: her element became shadow, the hate purged itself from her system, her name inverted, and she fell into the path of learning a branch of magic known as Necromancy...

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